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The Maritime Sector of São Paulo Pilots is an integral part of the Pilotage Station and is made up of the teams that man the pilotage boats and the boats that support the pilotage service. Its mission is to enable the pilots to act in terms of transport to the ships to be serviced, as well as assistance during docking maneuvers. The latter is carried out using boats specially built to handle the heavy mooring cables for ships.


Special emphasis must be given to the speedboat/ship and ship/boat transfer service. This is a high-risk operation that involves the personal physical safety of the Pilot. The moment of boarding and disembarking requires maximum skill from the Master responsible for driving the pilotage boat, as well as from the Sailor who supervises the transhipment operation. It is their responsibility to ensure the physical safety of the Pilot. At this moment, it can be said that these professionals act as true guardian angels.


There are currently dozens of Masters and Sailors, qualified by the Maritime Authority, who take turns in a work schedule that allows the service to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In addition to specific training in seamanship, equipment handling, man overboard rescue and speedboat operation, all Maritime Sector personnel are qualified to respond to emergency situations and provide first aid.


The qualification of the teams is maintained according to the specifications of the Maritime Authority and is subject to strict supervision by the CONSAD of PRATICOSZP16 due to the strategic importance of the services.

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