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The Pilotage of São Paulo has always been attentive to the evolution of Business Management concepts, adopting, year after year, updated programs. So it was with the Total Quality Program, implementation of ISO 9000 and the implementation of the Compliance Committee. Since 2021, Pilotage has adopted the modern concepts of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), a major trend and a necessary response from companies to the challenges of contemporary society.

The ESG concerns the integration of the generation of economic value combined with concern for environmental, social and corporate governance issues, demonstrating responsibility and commitment to the Port of Santos and its port companies, logistics and navigation, and to employees.

Thus, in addition to the programs already implemented mentioned above, in February 2021, The Pilotage of São Paulo became the first in the country to adopt the Environmental Management Program of the Via Green Institute (VGP) and to prepare an inventory of emissions of Greenhouse Gases. 

With that, together with the concern with  Governance (Compliance among others) and with the Social (Support to some social institutions), the Environmental Management Program (VGP) put into practice the 3 pillars of the ESG concept.

With the help of VGP, The Pilotage of São Paulo publicly reinforces its contribution to the fight against climate change and seeks best practices through the management of environmental impacts, contributing to a more balanced climate and a better life.

Adopting the best operational practices and management of environmental impacts, the company implemented several actions, such as the use of rainwater (reuse), implemented solar energy in the shipyard and has been replacing the mechanical motors of the boats with electronic motors that have lower CO2 emission rates.


We understand that this is a continuous and endless process of constant improvement.


- Use of rainwater (reuse)

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- Source of renewable energy through photovoltaic solar panels.

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- Use of electronic engines to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

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In the Social criterion, the company's relationship with those who are part of its universe is very important. We aim at the well-being of employees, customer satisfaction, good relationship with suppliers, data protection and privacy through LGPD (Compliance) and respect for human rights and labor laws. 

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The corporate and administrative governance criteria are part of the company's Compliance policies. Concepts of corporate conduct, creation of reporting channels, Anti-Corruption Law, LGPD, Ombudsman, are examples of procedures discussed and adopted by our Compliance Committee, active since 2016.

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